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How it all began

ЛуАЗ-967 ТПК IMG_4606

I read about LUAZ-967 for the first time in the conference on the Automotive News, and almost immediately decided - "must be taken". Still - swims, rides, cross-country at this level of quality off-road vehicles. Myachta one word. That's just - the release of their long ceased, and there was very little produced. And on top, a lot of these machines have suffered from "rukodelschikov" that a door be cut, then welded on top of the booth - the device is completely spoiling. So that the search process is more or less a live instance can take a very long time. A reduction to the status of required - for the rest of time.

The search continued for several years ... more ->

Now the restoration is complete, and the machine is 100% gets the job done, allowing you to get "where nice and clean \ where no boots trod tourist" (C) T.Shaov

Features LUAZ-967 List of improvements

Right block for Kevlar and another silencer


Stuck, Lebedev - and suddenly my feet fall two scraps new, just bought a synthetic rope :( And cut exactly in the middle of ...

It turned out that the unit got twig rope next ->

Oblakaaaaa ... or marketing experience of the victim.

Troubled times now and save all household electronic library due to any external circumstances - a flood / fire / mask show - not very desirable. Therefore, the desire to buy something to it lay and store a complete archive of all.

But just enough to lie - it is necessary to skillfully live long without food (and thus be powered by 12 volts and not much to eat), not warm and not make noise (so as not to attract attention), and most importantly - to provide direct access to the operating system installed, and not only the web interface.

But after a couple weeks of searching on the Internet was more ->


During the first trip with the new hood and engine shield discovered that the hood rubs the paint at the contact points. In general, there is nothing surprising - a hefty hood is only an elastic band and a pair of points, engine shield, here on the bumps under the action of next ->

Against the Current

Gone this time for our favorite place on Lemeza. That's just this time decided not to go down a few miles down the river, and up against the current with the next ->

Video - get out of the sand

On the last trip to the SIM over the winter because of the loss of off-road riding skills a little dug at the outlet of the water. Bleed the pressure to a minimum, was able to leave on their own.

Pavlivka or test winch

Gone to rest at Pavlovsk reservoir, while testing the found last time the road. But rainy summer this year has brought the adjustments - if last year the road was steep though, but it zhiguleprohodima, it has now completely soaked, and in the first descent by ~ 40 degrees as we raced on a sled ... Okay, this section out on the rising slope of the ravine, where the next ->

What Hewlett-Packard this!

There lived in one ogranizatsii one server named HP ProLiant D580, and was currently working - database transaction so turned his drove. And I must say that all of that organization was built around these transactions, that is, as they say bourgeois - mission critical server was. Therefore, some sort of monster and took in the price of the aircraft, and not that easier. And it seemed to everyone that he has always been - not left in the entire organization no one who worked for longer than this server - still, 10 years, he recently knocked. Turn it off during this time 3 times - once the organization moved, once the power was turned off for a long time, but about a third do not remember anybody. And then one is not very beautiful moment again turned off the light, and without warning. In the meantime, next ->

Archive: refinement of motor

Laid found once in the network material to finalize motor "gentleman's set" - pistons VAZ, boring, cutting. It may be useful to someone.

Here -

The first exit after the re-


Over the weekend, swept up Askinsky ice cave , well, at the same time overall remaining after construction . Immediately got out a pair of stocks. Firstly, despite the powerful clamping hood next ->

Transporter increased comfort ... - continued


As you know, any repair impossible to finish - it can only be stopped. That this transformation is rapidly tightened, including an all-new and new fronts work.

And to begin with - a few pictures on the previous stage of construction. Photo-pillar on its support was simply forgotten, and corrugation demanded more ->