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How it all began

ЛуАЗ-967 ТПК IMG_4606

I read about LUAZ-967 for the first time in the conference on the Automotive News, and almost immediately decided - "must be taken". Still - swims, rides, cross-country at this level of quality SUVs. Myachta one word. That's just - the release of their long ceased, and there was very little released. And on top, a lot of these machines have suffered from "rukodelschikov" which then erupt door, then welded on top of the booth - the device is completely spoiling. So that the search process more or less live instance can take a very long time. A reduction to the status of required - for the rest of time.

The search continued for several years ... more ->

Now the restoration is complete, and the car is 100% doing his job, allowing access "where nice and clean \ where no boots trod tourist" (C) T.Shaov

Features LUAZ-967 List of improvements

What Hewlett-Packard this!

There lived in one ogranizatsii one server named HP ProLiant D580, and was currently working - database transaction so turned his drove. And I must say that all of that organization was built around these transactions, that is, as they say bourgeois - mission critical server was. Why, and took a sort of monster aircraft costs, not that easier. And it seemed to all that he has always been - not left anyone in the entire organization who would work longer than this server - still, 10 years, he recently knocked. Turn it off during this time three times - once business moved once the power was turned off for a long time, but about a third do not remember anybody. So one is not very beautiful moment again turned off the light, and without warning. And until next ->

Archive: refinement of motor

Laid once found online material to finalize motor "gentleman's set" - VAZ pistons, boring, cutting. May be useful to someone.

Here -

The first exit after the re-


Over the weekend, swept up Askinsky ice cave , well, at the same time resulting overall after construction . Immediately got out a pair of stocks. First, despite the mighty clamp hood next ->

Transporter increased comfort ... - continued


As you know, any repair impossible to finish - it can only be stopped. That this transformation rapidly tightened, including an all-new fronts and new work.

And to begin with - a few pictures on the previous stage of construction. Photo-pillar on its support was simply forgotten, and corrugation demanded more ->

That's how it

Finally, I learned that the Chinese themselves think about their machines ...


No comment :)

Two rings, two end ...


As you know, brakes invented pants and real macho motor brake. And conveyor well coached this skill, leaving loose punctually something was sklalos dimensional chains in the brake system, and the removal of the piston pad falls out of the cylinder, this razgermetiziruya brake line and not allowing the second brake wheel. And from the back next ->

Transporter increased comfort ...


If patency TPK may envy all the "cool zhipy", here comfortably just the trouble. Rather, with the comfort-it probably good if he was - at least some. Lack of engine bulkhead itself allows you to hear all the nuances of the motor and the smell to determine its temperature, the gap in the two fingers between the hood and windshield allows you to take water treatments every time you water, and when driving in rain, torrents of rain on top provide regular replacement navigator on new, and other other. However, in the following model years cars appeared next ->

Play cubes


On the occasion got to me a hefty chunk of iron - 20kg load from some oborudovaniya.Prichem proved surprisingly decent cast - fine and completely non-porous, and even a little fragile. So finally more ->

Remote control air intake hood


The desire to get rid of the ugly handles inlet opening appeared almost immediately: not only that reach it from the driver's seat is impossible, so you have to get up and stop, respectively, so still it does not open / close the bonnet with air intake closed, spotted the window frame. Idea how to do it, came almost immediately, but his hands before implementation was reached only with the full next ->

Dreams come true :)


Well, why do not they come to pass, if dream right? :)

Search synthetic (colloquially - Kevlar, but in fact it is made of UHMW polyethylene) winch rope I started pretty quickly after winch, after the first or second use - painfully uncomfortable steel. However, introduction of an assortment of first local shops pokatushechnogo direction, and then the online stores, brought only frustration. No, of course there was a rope to choose from - but only a very, very thick: 8mm already. It is clear that it is the most popular size for every lendkukuruzerov gelendvagenov yes, who else other than their owners is buying? Most subtle that found - and that under the order and without guarantees - was 6.3mm cable for shnivovodov and joined them small Suzuki. But he further ->