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How it all began

ЛуАЗ-967 ТПК IMG_4606

I read about LUAZ-967 for the first time in the conference, and almost immediately decided - "must take". Still - swims, rides, cross-country at this level of quality off-road vehicles. Myachta a word. That's just - the release of their long ceased, and there was very little produced. And on top, a lot of machines affected by the "rukodelschikov" that the door be cut, welded on top of the booth - the port unit completely. So, the search process is more or less a live specimen may take a very long time. A reduction to the state of things needed - for the rest of the time.

The search continued for several years ... more ->

Now the restoration is completed, and the machine is 100% gets the job done, allowing you to get "back to where nice and clean \ where no shoes trod tourist" (C) T.Shaov

Features LUAZ-967 List of improvements

The device supports ramrod

Once I was asked obfotat ramrod in the analysis - well, that's got his hands.

Inside the spindle is inserted further ->

Accustom on a new place - first fix

Finally, the move is completed, the last batch of garage shmurdyak transported to a new location.

грузовая платформа как она есть

Now you can do pretty backlog of cases. And to begin with - fix the bracket shock absorber. That's just turned out that for this purpose it is necessary to disassemble the floor machine, so you can see the condition of the entire front suspension and steering. Moreover, it is high time to make prevention conveyor, skated without battering already 3 seasons. Especially since the play in the steering accumulated ...

Well, I have to make out, but there ... more ->

Lucid comparison of patency

... It happened the other day. Evening, we sit on the bank of the river, where we arrived pomatrasnichat yes rybasika catch - summer something cold and still need to rest. Then slyshm approaching sound of the motor, intermittent oral Russian. It takes some time, and offer more ->

Well, finally a new failure

The unexpected and even strange: break down the right front shock absorber bracket. From frame. Completely.

выдрало кронштейн амортизатора

Whether such road, or gas shock absorbers proved harder than necessary, or simply a manufacturing defect for a tear away from the weld on the recrystallization zone ...

The move, part 2

The announcement pasted on all garages (1200sht) demolished the cooperative. Means, first, confirmed that yet, yes, there was a law society, and secondly mentioned dvuhhodovochki the first move, and the third in 1200 ... carry garages provided for 40 days is 30 garages in the day, and allocated only 2 crane. A crane carries 2 car garage on the day of maximum, note the question: how much dough will raise stakeholders on scrapping foreign garages?


Good knock out zavsegda will (C)

Let me introduce - the piston. It Was.

And it was so: more ->

To measure flow on the highway

By accident, I had to go on the conveyor in Sterlitamak and back, well, that's the same time and measured the flow.

Driving mode: RPM 3600 ("sneaker on the floor," but that the engine does not overheat and do not twist), GPS speed of 80 (on the speedometer normal car would be 85-90), the temperature of the motor 110, the pressure in tires 1.7. In this mode, consumption amounted to 13.2l / 100. Come down :)

Full back!

Work work, but also need to have a rest - so we decided to go on holiday to the river nearby.

And if there is a river, then you can finally carry out trials of a new tailgate behavior in water. Let me remind you, dear board is just a few inches above the waterline, so when entering the water back to the rising tide filled in, and the machine further ->

Moving ...

The city seems to be a tradition - every 10 years to take down my garage. And always turns out that no new sites or compensation are not supposed to - for the first time suddenly found that the number of such as illegal, and under it the earth did not stand out, but this time the city administration held totally charming dvuhhodovochku: first, we were deprived of the land, but no demolition, so How would you move ?! A few years later we decided to demolish the same, but we are now without land and therefore illegal - so what compensation you ?! And suddenly found that I bought a second garage in the illegal co-op, and chairman asshole about it modestly.

So soon all my forces will be spent on relocation, transportation garages and shmurdyak, as well as equipping the new location, and it is unlikely it will remain at rest. All the victims ask to understand and forgive.

For we will not rust!

Вот так оно будет

A cursory glance at floating conveyor to make it clear - reverse water contraindicated. And the more entry into the water backwards, or at least attempt to back off at the exit to the beach - and the like that will. But it can also happen is that the selected location will exit not too successful, and do need to back - and then what?

Several years ago I sank a little further ->