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How it all began

ЛуАЗ-967 ТПК IMG_4606

I read about LUAZ-967 for the first time in the conference on the Automotive News, and almost immediately decided - "must be taken". Still - swims, rides, cross-country with this level of quality SUVs. Myachta one word. That's just - the release of their long ceased, and there was very little released. And on top, a lot of these machines have suffered from "rukodelschikov" which then erupt door, then welded on top of the booth - the device is completely spoiling. So that the search process more or less live instance can take a very long time. A reduction to the status of required - for the rest of time.

The search continued for several years ... more ->

Now the restoration is complete, and the car is 100% doing his job, allowing access "where nice and clean \ where no boots trod tourist" (C) T.Shaov

Features LUAZ-967 List of improvements

Dreams come true :)

Well, why do not they come to pass, if dream right? :)

Search synthetic (colloquially - Kevlar, but in fact it is made of UHMW polyethylene) winch rope I started pretty quickly after winch, after the first or second use - painfully uncomfortable steel. However, introduction of an assortment of first local shops pokatushechnogo direction, and then the online stores, brought only frustration. No, of course there was a rope to choose from - but only a very, very thick: 8mm already. It is clear that it is the most popular size for every lendkukuruzerov gelendvagenov yes, who else other than their owners is buying? The finest that found - and that under the order and without guarantees - was 6.3mm cable for shnivovodov and joined them small Suzuki. But he further ->

Another industrial gum.

About a year ago had to replace one of the "bottle" headlights Hella - IMG_2314 exact hit a pebble into the glass led to a crack, the water got inside and started to climb round the reflective layer.

Rubber cap lamps used converted so native gum was removed and put on the shelf. And now she caught my eye ... more ->

Goodbye YouTube

It seems that according to some as yet unknown laws of nature Google in the development passes all standard stage, and gradually from the "good corporation" is more and more corporations and less good. Here's another attempt to reply to a comment on a video on YouTube to send me further ->

Who needs this Yandex drive???

... And similar services?

Alignment: initially allocated 3GB, and promise to add up to 10 GB of heap after gestures.

Further increase - paid. 100GB - 1500R year, 1TB - 9000r.

Sorry, but next ->

Updated site engine

After the ill-fated update has passed quite some time, and it is hoped that all major new version bugs caught. So I decided to upgrade the engine on this site, especially since it was done with version WordPress 3.5. At the same time, and it makes it easier to spread video :)

Also markedly poluchshel image viewer - he is now able to full screen and the mouse wheel, by clicking with the shift shows Fautua original, as well as automatically flipping pictures.

But unfortunately, no undetected bugs can not be guaranteed - so criticism is extremely welcome.

Creamy problems and their solutions.

For as many times as necessary to return to the subject that he is very fed up. Water, as it turned out, vile substance - whatever thickens and the inside will still fall. Whether through the gland with a sharp cooling sucks, whether on the border materials crawls - I do not know, but with depressing regularity pump rusting and wedges at the most inopportune moment, sometimes with special effects .

So the search for a solution I drew his eyes to China. In no way are released next ->

Do not fly after the rain.

Вот что-то пролетело и ага

Starting in August, and of course every weekend going to the harvest - for mushrooms and other gifts of nature. Weather is the most that neither is on the mushroom, warm and occasionally go a little rain. The road is empty, "letyu where Hotu" :)

Here we're rolling in a gracious mood, suddenly toward us quickly starts to approach the black dot. Unnaturally fast. Within seconds manages more ->

Several new detailed photos.

Someone once asked me photos of the various components in detail, well here this summer reached his hands up to them - and now, for their publication. Without sorting, the whole heap:

And one more gum

This gum was made for the very first belt, but was soon replaced entirely pendulum. and all made gum became unnecessary. Form many years lay in the garage this summer and was thrown out as useless. And as always happens in such cases, soon more ->

How * can not * put the winch

Videos on Youtube accidentally caught very revealing IMHO.